Bignor Roman Villa, West Sussex, Roman mosaics
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2017 Events

The fabulous Raven Tor Living History Group at Bignor Roman Villa in 2017!

June, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th

July, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd

August, Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th

Our Living History Weekends include:

The Clash of Steel... Meet the Gladiators of Gladiatores Corvus, and members of the mighty Roman Legions, an opportunity for weapon handling, trying on armour and seeing a variety of exciting combat demonstrations.

Domina's Garden Tour... The Lady of the House introduces visitors to the Villa's plants used for cooking, medicine and perfumes.

Meet the Vernae and Servus... An opportunity to see and have a go at someof the crafts of the Roman Period and talk to the Slaves about life on a Villa in the 2nd Century AD.

Join the Sagittarii... An opportunity to become a Roman Archer and do some have-a-go archery.


Roman Lady

    Roman Lady demonstrating cosmetics

Image courtesy of Raven Tor

Watch Raven-Tor Living History Group in action at Bignor Roman Villa

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We would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful members of Raven Tor Living History Group who have given up their time to entertain and educate our visitors for three brilliant weekends in 2016. Thank you guys!


Heritage Open Days                              

Please note we will NOT be taking part in 2017 Heritage Open Days Festival (9th to 10th September) however, we will be open for business as usual (7 days a week until 31st Octorber)



Roman Facts

Ceres was the Goddess of agriculture.

Bacchus, the God of wine and revelry, was toasted at all feasts.

Aeolus was the God of the winds.